Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there fees involved (Annual / Monthly / Travel), what do the fees cover?
    There is an initial Annual Fee which is due on the official day of practice which covers all administrative fees. TeamXpress does not have monthly fees. Each parent is responsible for their daughters TeamXpress Travel Club expenses which includes Air Fare, Food, Van/Car Rentals, and Hotels.
  2. How many practices per week will you be having?
    Two or Three (2) or (3) practices per week, Friday, Saturday and Sunday's after services.
  3. How are the various teams chosen? How many players per team? Her best friend and teammate of many years was also invited to play with TeamXpress. Will they be able to play together?
    Teams are chosen by a players position, skill level and most important, the players ability to stand out while competing in front of College coaches. It does not make any difference what team you are on if do not stand out in the Colleges eyes and leave an impression in there minds. The players per team max is 10-13 players. Friends or family members in the past have played together on the same TeamXpress teams when the situation is beneficial for both players in terms of exposure, confidence and opportunity. All TeamXpress teams practice in the same facilities and attend the same National Exposure events.
  4. What is the minimum GPA required? What is the NCAA clearinghouse?
    All players must have passing grades to participate on TeamXpress teams. Below is a link to the NCAA Clearinghouse with information on GPA requirements, and mandatory registration information as well as SAT/ACT requirements. It is Mandatory that all members of the TeamXpress Family register with the NCAA Clearinghouse at http://www.ncaaclearinghouse.net/NCAA/common/index.html.
  5. Who watches the girls when they are out town? Are they allowed to go with their parents?
    TeamXpress Coaches travel with the players who are not traveling with their parents to every event and are responsible for supervision. Players are allowed to got out with parents or out of town family (After verification) as long as the times do not conflict with team games, meetings or team activities which must be confirmed each time with the TeamXpress Coaches in charge on that particular trip. In addition, player may also travel with their parents.
  6. Do we need to continue to video tape all of her high school games? Should we send the videos to colleges she is interested in?
    Video taping H.S. games is very important along with Club games and Evaluation / Exposure Camps.
  7. Do you have a "starting 5" on your teams? What can my daughter do to get more playing time?
    TeamXpress teams do not have a "starting five". The five (5) that will start will always be a game time decision based on player match-ups, strengths, and weakness. TeamXpress is all about positive exposure thus coaches will position players where they can have the most success in various situations.
  8. My daughter has no idea where she wants to attend college? How should she prepare in order to be able to present, for instance, a list of 10 colleges to you?
    TeamXpress will assist you in preparing a general list of schools. TeamXpress will also assist you when it is time to narrow down a top five schools of a major interest from other offers as well as networking to create College interest and offers.
  9. My daughter has never stayed at a hotel out of town/out of the state before. Who will she be staying with? Are there adults in the room? Do you have meetings in the rooms? What if she gets homesick?
    TeamXpress teams travel similar to Colleges in terms of roommates (teammates). We want College coaches to know that the players in the program are mature, have self-discipline and can handle College athletics. Although there is very tight supervision, curfews, and a tight schedule we want the student athletes in the TeamXpress program to began to make good decisions and be disciplined enough to get enough rest, be on time to all meetings, and compete at the top of their game. Adults are not allowed in a players room unless it is a medical emergency with the parents consent. All meetings are in the hotel lobby. Most players at one point get homesick and the TeamXpress family will always come together to ensure they will have a great experience.
  10. My daughter plays the post position on her high school team. She doesn't want to play the post in college, nor is she big enough to. How will she be placed in position on your team? Will she get specialized coaching/training for her position? Can you offer names of other coaches/trainers who can work with her outside of the TeamXpress workouts?
    TeamXpress players will play their natural position which is based on what position you can defend at an elite level (College). No player will be locked into a primary position. Our goal is to prepare each individual player for College and create opportunities to play in College at multiple positions. See the Elite Training link for Individual and Clinic training. TeamXpress Teams are put through weekly rigorous position training program in practice as well.